City of Polson, Montana
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City of Polson Montana

City of Polson: City Hall

Telephone: 406-883-8202
Address: 106 First Street East
Polson, Montana 59860

Current City Council Members

Ward 1: John Campbell & Todd Erickson
Ward 2: Stephen Turner & Jill Southerland
Ward 3: Ken Siler & Dan Morrison
Mayor: Heather Knutson 883-8205
City Manager: Mark Shrives 883-8207
Which ward are you located in?

City Council Email

City Council Minutes

City Council Agenda

Polson Impact Fees &
Hook Up Costs, May 2007

Polson ordinance #624 established Impact Fees for the City of Polson. All new developments within the city limits will pay Impact Fees designed to assist in providing funds necessary to meet the demands created by new development

The Impact Fees for a single detached family dwelling are: Parks - $1,020; Water - $3,310; Sanitary Sewer System - $1,531; Fire - $971; plus a 5% administration fee.

Polson ordinance #626 established a hook up cost for water and sewer connections. These costs reflect those costs the city incurs when it actually hooks up a home or business to the city system. The minimal costs for these hook ups are: water - $300; sewer - $316.

Neither the impact fees not the connection costs include the cost of actual construction and/or installation, which the owner will have to bear.

Please contact the City Building Inspector or the Water and Sewer Superintendent if you have any questions concerning these fees.

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From the Citizen's guide to Municipal Codes of Polson

Animals & Fowl
Animal Control

It is unlawful to keep any hogs, cattle, sheep, swine, goats, chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese or other domestic animals or fowl, excluding household pets, within the city limits. Horses, mules, and colts may not be ridden or herded upon city streets, alleys, parks or public grounds unless being moved from pasture or in organized parades. (PMC 8.02.010-020)

Animal Waste Removal
Animal Control

Any person in control of an animal on either public or private property must remove excrement left by such animal. On private property, owners may not allow the animal’s excrement to accumulate to such a degree as to create a public nuisance or unsanitary condition. (Ordinance No. 587)

Business Licenses
City Clerk

All persons participating in Street Vending, Peddling or Outside Solicitation are required to have a City Solicitors License. Applications can be obtained at the City Clerks office and take 48 hours to process. License fees are $25 which includes investigation costs plus an addition $10 fee per person selling. The City of Polson requires no other business licensing. Certificate of Occupancy/Change of Use and fire codes Pre-Incident Plan applications are required for the occupation of a building for business use. These are available from the Building & Planning office and must be processed prior to public opening. Home occupations in residential zones shall meet criteria including floor area, parking, outdoor storage, employees and signage. (PMC 5.08)

Dog Ordinances
Animal Control

Dogs and cats must have a city license and current rabies tags. Dogs may not be allowed to run at large and must be on a leash when off of the owner’s property. Owners are not allowed to keep nuisance dogs that frequently howl, bark or cause annoyance and disturb other persons. Owning more than three dogs over six months old requires obtaining a city commercial kennel license. (PMC 08.04.010-190)

Liquor Licenses
City Clerk
Any business that serves alcoholic beverages, including beer and wine, must have both a state and city liquor license.

Sidewalks: Snow Removal
City Clerk

Owners and/or tenants of any property adjoining public sidewalks within the city are required to remove snow, slush, ice and debris from their sidewalk. If removal is not completed, the city may remove the snow and ice and charge the property owner. (PMC 12.10)

Special Events
City Clerk

Any special event or parade requiring closure of streets needs to have City Council approval. Council meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Mondays of every month. To be included on the next Council agenda please contact the City Clerk by noon on Wednesdays.

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