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The City of Polson is looking for citizens to send letters in support of grant funds, for the $17.2 million dollar waste-water treatment project. Click on this link ‘Funds letter to Support City of Polson’, print three copies and mail it to the addresses in the letter or bring it to City Hall and we will be happy to mail it for you. We have copies available for signing, just come by City Hall. Thank you for your support!

Water Department Mission Statement

Water & Sewer Department
Water & Sewer Department

It is the mission of the City of Polson Water Department to provide our customers with a safe drinking water supply, water for fire protection, and an adequate supply of water for our essential daily needs and future growth.

The Water Department takes the necessary measures to meet health-based standards for drinking water and to protect against both naturally occurring and man-made contaminates that may be found in drinking water. The United States Environmental Protection Agency along with State Agencies and City of Polson Utilities work together to make sure these standards are met.

The Water Department shall:

•Pursue additional water sources, protect current sources, and manage existing supplies.
•React in a timely, professional manner to all inquiries, problems, and requests from customers.
•Maintain our distribution system, storage reservoirs, fire hydrants, and water meters.

The City of Polson lies on the South end of Flathead Lake and is the headwater to the Flathead River. We consider it our goal, honor, and obligation to protect these national treasures! Polson’s utilities department has a commitment to high standards, personal accountability, and teamwork to achieve our goals of providing value, vision, and purpose to the public.

Water & Sewer Department Contacts:

Ashley Walker, Water & Sewer Superintendent | 406-883-8215

Support Letter for City of Polson
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