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Polson is located on the Flathead Indian Reservation in a natural amphitheater at the south end of Flathead Lake. This charming lakeside community is the trading center for one of Montana’s most fertile farming areas. In a prime cherry growing region and home to numerous cherry orchards, Polson celebrates with an annual Cherry Festival. 

The broad, sweeping Mission Valley south of Polson is bordered by the rugged, snow-capped Mission Mountains. The Flathead River that flows from Polson features whitewater rafting and Kerr Dam. The National Bison Range at Moiese with its large herds of bison, elk, deer, antelope and barn sheep is nearby, as well as the Ninepipes and Pablo Wildlife Refuges for bird watchers. 

Two museums, The Miracle of America and Polson-Flathead Historical Museum, offer many displays and memorabilia. Polson also has several city parks located on the lake. Visitors are advised to keep their cameras ready for the area’s own “Flathead Monster,” sitings of which date back over a hundred years. Also, don’t miss the Polson Golf Course. 

Community Overview:

(Source: U.S. Census Bureau; 2000 Census, 1990 Census)
2000 Population – 4,041 (24% increase from 1990)
2003 Population Estimate – 4,497 (11.3% increase from 2000)
Makes up 15.2% of Lake County’s total population
Median age is 38.6 compared with 37.5 for the State of Montana and 35.3 for the U.S. In 2000, 19.6% of the population was 65 years of age or older compared with 13.4% for the state of Montana and 12.4% for the U.S. 16.1% of the population is of American Indian or Alaskan descent 78.2% of the population listed as Caucasian. (American Indian/Alaskan Natives make up .9% of Montana’s overall population; Caucasians make up 75.1%)


Per Capita Income (2000 Census)
Polson $13,777
State of Montana $17,151
U.S. $21,587

Poverty rate for families is 16% compared to 10.5% for the state of Montana and 9.2% for the U.S. (2000 Census). 58.7% of population over the age of 16 are part of the Labor Force (1,832 people), compared to 65.4 for the state of Montana and 63.9% for the U.S. (2000 Census).

Unemployment rate for Lake Co. (MT Dept. of Labor)
January 2004 8.6%
Annual Avg. 2003 6.7%


Total Housing Units – 1,977 (26.6% increase from 1990)
Homeownership rate is 53.9% compared with 69.1% for the state of Montana and 66.2% for the U.S.  Median value of owner-occupied housing in 2000 was $88,100 as compared with $47,500 in 1990 
Median Gross Rent in 2000 was $401 compared with $275 in 1990


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